• BloomED Foundation

Our New Name

Global Creative Hub is now BloomED Foundation.

As we celebrate our 2-year anniversary, we are excited to unveil this exciting news with our community.

A new name, new look, & more focused mission to cultivate gender equality. BloomED Foundation (formerly Global Creative Hub) is expanding globally to reach 1 million marginalized girls with accessible STEM programming across the globe by 2030.

BloomED Foundation’s mission is to build the next generation of changemakers through safe spaces and STEM innovations. We believe that every girl has the right to be safe, educated, and healthy so that she can create a more equal & inclusive world for herself and future generations.

We make this possible by creating accessible, impactful, and sustainable programming that will inspire girls to cultivate leadership in their communities. As a for female by female movement, we strive to provide an inclusive, creative, and diverse environment where girls regardless of their background or economic situation can become confident and impactful leaders.

We have also launched a membership for adults (i.e: over 24) alongside our membership for female youth (i.e: aged 15-24) for anyone across the globe.

Check out our website here: globalcreativehub.com


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