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Interviewed by MAMA.codes

Updated: May 2, 2021

Global Creative Hub's founder, Amna Habiba was invited by Mama.codes on 16th of November to kick off Global Entrepreneurship Week with some #MondayMotivation.

MAMA.codes is an organization that teaches coding to young kids aged 6-12 through hands-on trainings and game-based learning. They believe that coding should be taught starting at an early age, which is why there tagline is

"Coding from 3, it's as easy as ABC"

We talked about the origin of Global Creative Hub and why more youngsters especially girls should consider going into tech fields. We discussed the importance of tech in our lives and how a hackathon on artificial intelligence made me understand the importance of AI.

You can watch the Facebook Live replay here, just press that play button below:

What inspiration did you get from watching the replay? Are you more willing to go into tech fields? Do you need more inspiration? Check out our upcoming events.