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#GirlsInAIKHI Hackathon

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

We use Artificial Intelligence (AI) more than we can imagine. From cars and video games to Google Assistant, AI is revolutionizing the tech space beyond our imagination.

Despite living in the digital age, where AI-based knowledge is even more accessible than before, only 22% of professionals who work in artificial intelligence across the globe are female, compared with 78% who are male.

This is the current reality and diversity is crucial, with less than 1/3 of female students who choose to study STEM fields, a radical shift is required in making AI knowledge more accessible to women and girls all over the globe.

Let’s take a look at Pakistan, where currently 17 million girls are aged 15-24, though only 14% of them go on to account for the tech sector. As compared to global statistics, Pakistan has an 8% drop in the percentage of women accounting for the tech sector.

For this reason, Global Creative Hub has collaborated with the Girls In AI hackathon series to raise the status quo of women accounting for the tech sector through a hackathon-style lean start-up online event focused on solving a real challenge through AI and data science in social, welfare, or environmental areas.

With our second hackathon collaboration, we aim to take our collaborations forward with the UK-based initiative to empower more young Pakistanis into AI for social good.

Our first hackathon which was in celebration of International Women’s Day in March, #GirlsInAIPK (read recap post here) reached 20 young girls who created 5 projects in 6 days with 100% female empowerment - from speakers to judges, we ensured a female-only environment for the girls to grow.

We are excited to announce our second hackathon in celebration of Ada Lovelace, the first female programmer, #GirlsInAIKHI which will run from 1-3 October and invites girls from all over Karachi to join the 3-day fun-filled program.

We acknowledge the staggering gender gap in tech, and therefore have a curriculum filled with talks ranging from design thinking to AI Ethics and entrepreneurship. Each team focuses on a UN SDG to create a solution for and implements the concepts of design thinking, programming, ethics, and entrepreneurship to develop a prototype idea which is pitched to a panel of expert judges. Over the course of the hackathon, not only do the girls hear from industry-expert speakers but also get support to develop their idea from mentors.

The UN SDGs that will be focused on during the hack will be:

With an aim to create tech changemakers, the hackathon will focus on strengthening the understanding of AI, expose girls to critical thinking, digital literacy, team collaboration ethics, and more, and encourage girls to use AI for social good by creating solutions focused on the UN SDGs.

And best of all, we are proud to announce that participant registrations are completely free-of-cost, furthermore, no prior coding experience is required to register!

The only thing we require is a willingness to learn, work and change the world.

UPDATE: 6/10/2021

With 8 teams joining the hackathon from 1-3 October, 3 progressed to the local demo day and the winning team from the local demo day is now proceeding to the international demo day. We are excited to announce the Girls In AI Karachi hackathon winner team, GreenLife.

To solve SDG 13: Climate Action, GreenLife encourages sustainable living practices by recommending the nearest recycling destinations.

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